Looking to hire?

We take time to develop partnerships and a comprehensive understanding of our clients organisations, providing long lasting support throughout the recruitment and subsequent candidate integration process.


Alongside this, we use our wealth of recruitment experience and a myriad of modern recruitment technology to innovate the overall talent acquisition process.


This results in highly efficient hires that take cost, time and stress out each of the assignments we run.


What we are best at…

Retained Search

For Board Level or Senior Management Appointments or where the talent pool is in short supply (e.g. highly technical or specialist roles), we would recommend the use of our Retained Search Service.


A Retained Search is the most comprehensive means of recruiting for any position and is prioritised to make more extensive use of our in-house research unit to identify suitable candidates.

Industry Mapping

We provide our customers with the data and information required to enter new markets and recruit outstanding talent.


In this instance we can provide information about skills availability, conduct salary bench marking and identify key industry players that will take your new venture forward.

Talent Spotting

Some of our clients have very unique manufacturing processes and recruit niche skills that are not readily available.


For this reason, we offer a Talent Spot Service, where we constantly check the market for the availability of niche skills and experience, informing our clients when these people become available.


This process gives our clients an opportunity to engage with industry experts well ahead of the competition.

We offer…

A free replacement guarantee

To give you full confidence and security in your investment, we offer a free replacement guarantee on all successful hires.

A high degree of industry knowledge

We work exclusively with the manufacturing & engineering industry.

As a result, we know what “good looks like” across all job functions.

A targeted candidate database

Our extensive and targeted candidate database includes key players and rising stars within the markets we work in.

Great customer service

This is really important to us… On all projects we aim to provide a level of service that could only be described as excellent.

The best possible hire

It is imperative for us that we locate and interact with the best possible candidates that the market can yield at the time of the hire.

Speed of delivery

On critical hires, speed of shortlist delivery is often vital. We aim to identify and present the best candidates quickly, without leaving any stone un-turned.