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Airton Solutions provides specialist recruitment services to the general manufacturing and engineering markets. We focus on the delivery of strategic hires, including senior manager & director level appointments, as well as specialist technical roles where candidate availability is low.

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What we do

We have a successful track record of helping manufacturing and engineering companies recruit the very best available talent and of helping people propel their careers by introducing them to industry leading organisations. Whether you are about to undertake a critical talent acquisition programme or you are looking for your next career opportunity, these important projects will be safe in our hands.

The type of roles we fill

We focus on the delivery of Strategic Hires. This includes Senior Manager and Director level appointments, as well as Specialist Technical Roles where skills availability is low. There isn’t much that can catch us out these days, so even if you think you’ve got a particularly difficult or non-standard vacancy, the chances are we can still help. Likewise, if you work within one of our niche sectors and are in search of that illusive career break that will really drive your career forward, give us a call… We may be able to make the kind of introduction that makes the difference.

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